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As you probably know if you read my page last month Max was very poorly when he got a fur ball stuck fast in his throat.  Our vets at the local practice,  Stowe Vets,  did a wonderful job in getting it out using their endoscopic equipment so it was then a question of wait and see how he did from there.

We had a couple of very anxious weeks as Max was OK to eat but he did sometimes retch and try to bring up things and, just a week after he came home, he brought up a small fur ball.  Joan gave him a little Katalax every evening to keep the passages lubricated and then gradually reduced it to every other day until he seemed fine.  He had lost quite a bit of weight whilst he was ill so it took time to finally get him eating as normal and putting some of the weight back on and he got special treats from the HiLife range and some extra raw lamb to tempt his appetite.

I am pleased to report that it would seem as if he is now back to normal.  He is eating well,  playing as usual and generally back to his old self which is an enormous relief.  Joan is watching him carefully for any signs of trouble but he hasn't shown any adverse signs.

The vet shaved his front leg and his throat during the procedures but that is gradually growing back,  he looks a little odd without his furry ruff but it is just such a relief to have him well again that we don't actually care about that.

You can see on the picture on the right where the fur is starting to grow back and that he still looks just as handsome as he always did.

Max looking handsome despite the bald patch

Max exploring in the garden

Lara, pretty as ever


We have been kept fairly busy over the last few weeks,  it was Halloween earlier this week which meant lots of children around outside to distract us and shortly it will be Bonfire Night over here in the UK which will mean lots of bangs and pops in the night.  Max and Oscar generally don't bother too much about it and often sit on the window sill watching the rockets as they shoot up into the sky.  I don't really like it as it is far too loud for me so I sit quietly under the dining table until it all stops.

We are quite lucky because, living out in the country as we do, it is never very bad and doesn't go on for night after night.  We feel very sorry for cats and dogs that live in towns at this time of year,  especially those who hate fireworks as it must be awful to have to put up with noise night after night.

Joan has now finished our Calendar for 2008 and if you want to download it for FREE just pop along to the Calendar Page using the link down the right hand side at the top of this page.  Sadly the PDF files don't always print very well so Joan always has a few professionally printed which she sells,  again if you want to buy one then either follow the link or send us an email to check availability as she doesn't print many.  Already some have been sent to people around the world so if you want one don't please leave it too late,  last year a few people were disappointed.


Oscar in the garden

Lara loves the outdoors too

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