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Two years on!

I thought I would take a little time to let you know how things have developed in the two years since I welcomed Lara, and subsequently Max and Oscar into my home.

It is now almost two years since I set off, feeling very excited and just a little nervous, to collect Lara from her breeders Gale and David Griggs. Excited because I was very much looking forward to having a new feline friend (as the house had seemed so empty since Lucy died) but also nervous as it was sixteen years since I last had a kitten in the house and I had forgotten what it was like!

When Lucy died I had been heartbroken and not too sure quite when I would feel able to welcome another cat. By way of therapy I had scoured the internet looking for Birmans and had found it quite comforting to look at the many photos of cats that I found as I searched. This is the real reason that this web site began - I had enjoyed looking at pictures of other cats and plus of course I wanted to share my good fortune in finding a lovely little kitten with others in the same situation.

Curiously over the last two years we have had over 11,000 hits on the two sites so I rather suspect that it has given some people pleasure to look at the photos. I also hoped that it might help other Birman pet owners (and aspiring owners) to see what they can expect as their kitten grows. I gather from the many emails I get that it does at least help a little.

Lara - two years on

Max relaxing


A lot of water has gone into the cat bowl since that day and I must say that every day they give me great pleasure as they play and interact with me and each other. The three have very different personalities and each in their own way have stolen a piece of my heart.

Lara, being the eldest and the first to arrive, really sees herself a the boss cat. However she remains very much the lady of the house. She is dainty and gentle but neither Max nor Oscar would dream of trying to throw their weight around when she is about. She loves to play and just adored teaching Oscar her favourite games when he joined us in the middle of last year. If he jumps on her when she is resting she will sit up and wash all over his head which sort of disarms him if he was planning a wrestling game. She loves Max and will snuggle up close to him all night long or in the sun during the day.

Max whispers a secret to Lara

Oscar sits quietly beside Lara

Max is the really gentle soul of the trio. He has the softest voice and will sing gently to the others when they are travelling in the car. He loves the great outdoors and loves to bask in the sunshine either in the garden or the conservatory. His favourite trick is to block the door each morning when I want to leave for work so that I have to pick him up and give him a cuddle before I can get out. He will spend the entire evening asleep on my knee if I will let him. I think he quite likes to have Oscar around as they do enjoy playing together and however rough Oscar gets he will never get cross with him.

Oscar is the baby of the trio but he is also the boldest and the biggest. Nothing ever seems to bother him. If he gets rather too over enthusiastic during a game so that either Lara or Max swear at him he just shrugs his shoulders and walks away.

Oscar assumes that all visitors to the house have come to see him and will plonk himself down in front of them in order to ensure he gets a fuss made of him. They are only allowed to stop stroking him when he is ready so if they stop too soon he will gently pat them with a paw until they continue. His hobby is eating and when he is not doing that he loves to lay on his back with his feet in the air, preferably on a knee but anywhere else warm will do!

On cold frosty mornings he insists on a cuddle before breakfast and purrs so loudly that he wakes up everyone.

I must say I really pleased that they all seem to get on so well but then Birmans are a sociable breed and quite easy going. I can highly recommend them as family pets but would warn anyone thinking of getting one that they are highly addictive!



I got my first Birman, Amy, over twenty years ago. She was a rescue cat and needed to be the sole pet in the household. She introduced me to the breed and I have been fond of them ever since. When she died Katy and Lucy, both seal point Birmans, followed and now I have Lara, Max and Oscar.

I don't show any of them as they each have their faults in terms of the breed standard and I don't breed from them either as all three are neutered.


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