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Becoming friends

Please scroll down to see how we are getting along together.

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Becoming friends

As the days go by we are learning to play and live together in harmony. Yes I know this picture doesn't show us at our happy, playful best but it is the only one that Joan could get of the three of us together as we stopped charging around and decided to have a 'group rest'!

Oscar is quite good fun even if he is a bit rough when he is playing - I don't think he realises just how sharp his teeth are and we don't want to hurt him by biting him back!

I have been teaching him lots of games with some of favourite playthings I had when I was little. He loves the leather strip I used to chase and fight and he is an expert at football - almost as good as Max was when he first came here.

Joan gave him a shoebox but as you will see I can still get into it so I did and then tried to explain to Oscar how to play in it.

The other favourite toy of mine is the 'kitten pyramid'. Max and I used to love to play in it but we got far too big to fit in it so Joan gave it away to a chap at work who had just got two new kittens. Now that they are grown up he gave it back to Joan in time for Oscar's arrival the other week.

I thought it was great to have it back so I set about trying to show Oscar how it works.

It is really rather a squeeze for me to get in there but I can just about manage it even if the base no longer rests on the floor. Once I am inside Oscar tries to reach underneath to grab my feet or tail and I wriggle about trying to stay out of his way.

Then for a change I tip it over completely so that I can play inside and Max can reach in through the hole to play with me. We have hours of fun playing like this before I hand him back to Max for a playing and chasing game to tire him out for an hour or two!

Like I said he is quite good fun to have around even if we are losing a bit of sleep trying to keep him amused.

The other day Joan decided to get the vacuum out to clean the house for the first time since Oscar arrived. Now I don't like the vacuum and never have done so I always find a secret hiding place to stay in until the noise stops.

Oscar of course hadn't heard it here before so he was a little bit worried. Joan stopped using it and went to see if Oscar was OK about the noise and she found him in the spare bedroom hiding under the duvet with Max keeping careful watch alongside him.

Oscar thinks it is great to have his very own 'guardian angel' for those times when he hears or sees something which he finds a bit worrying and both Max and I take our responsibilities very seriously. Although he is quite a big kitten he is still small compared to us so we think it is our duty to take good care of him.


Oscar playing happily on his own

and hiding, waiting to pounce as we pass by!

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