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Busy, busy

We have been really busy for the past month please scroll down to see what we have been up to


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Busy, busy

Well September turned out to be quite a busy month for us all - I guess the first thing that happened was Joan came home with this huge white cube. You can see Oscar in it on the right - he thought it was great and a fabulous new plaything for us all.

It turns out to be called a light cube and the idea is that if we sit quietly in there Joan can get super photos of us without getting lots of reflection!

Now as you all know, dear readers, we wouldn't be proper Birmans if we did everything Joan wants us to do so it is probably fair to say it didn't all quite go to plan - well Joan's plan at least - I mean we aren't complaining we had a great time with it.

We did try to be helpful though and let her get one or two decent shots - well if you don't pander to humans just a little bit they can get all despondent!

Oscar of course just has to play the fool and ended up rolling it over and getting stuck in there - silly boy didn't he realise all he had to do was roll it back?

Oscar tries it out for size

Max shows off a 'head study'

Lara looks relaxed in there

Oscar rolls it over so that it becomes a playpen

But then Oscar decided to pose after all

The other things that happened is that the builders just about finished so bit by bit we are getting the house back to ourselves and Joan is able to put some 'finishing touches' to the place. Mind you it could be laying a new floor is something rather more than a finishing touch but that is what she has been doing.

She laid a wood laminate floor in the kitchen and dining room and we think it is great for sliding on - she was pretty good laying it as she never swore once!

She bought us some rugs to lay on so we don't mark the floor when we go on a chase so we end up doing 'rug surfing' instead. If you like the rugs Joan says she got them online from The Rug Seller and was really impressed with their service.

Another hobby we have developed is rug rolling and rug modelling both quite stylish pursuits!

We don't know if you have spotted but - at the bottom of all our pages we now have a row of advertisements. The clever people at Google try to link them to the topics on our pages and mostly they do quite well even though they often think Oscar relates to films rather than Birmans! You just might want to check out some of the links if you are looking for cat related products.


Max tests out the rugs

Oscar 'rug rolling'

Max 'rug modelling'
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