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Update July 2011

Our friends page

A page of photographs of our friends - if you would like a picture of your cat here please send us an email

Kitten adventures - click to go to our kitten web site

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Cat accessories - favourite things!
Facts page - shows details of our breeding


Amy - my first Birman

Katy and Lucy's page

Great Danes

Video Clips - See the trio playing with 'Panic Mouse'

Comparisons - how we have changed over the years


Congratulations to Leopold who is the new kitten of the Noll Family in Germany and is the first cat to feature on this new 'friends' page. They write:

Leopold, arrived on the 20th of December and we are "SMITTEN WITH THIS KITTEN"!

I am not surprised he looks gorgeous!

This is 'TUCKER' who also has a web site at so just click on the link to have a look around it
This is Gizzy the much loved companion of Dianne from North Carolina. You may have seen her before on Lara and Max's kitten pages - she is growing and developing and we are in regular contact.
A warm welcome to Caymus who lives with Gizzy and Dianne in North Carolina

A really big hello to Bo-Bo who is our half-brother as he has the same Dad. Bo-Bo lives with Karen and her family and has already been in the show ring quite successfully.

Congratulations to him on his wins and on really landing on his paws in finding a lovely home!

Welcome to Mhairi who will be shortly moving in with Bo-Bo and Karen. Another lucky kitten who will have a companion as she grows!
This is Mhairi again - she has now moved in with Bo-Bo (and Karen of course) and is getting to know her new family.
This is our good friend Ben from Germany who also featured on our kitten web site and who corresponds with Lara from time to time.
Ben's best friend and companion Sally. Their owner Kathrin is kept busy keeping them amused.

Welcome to Arik and Aran who have just joined their new owner Joseph in Vancouver. Needless to say they are both tired after a long journey flying to their new home but we don't doubt they will soon be running around settling in.

Arik is a cream point Birman and Aran is a chocolate point Birman.

This is Aran now that he has settled in at home

and Arik his playmate

Hi and happy birthday to Sophie and Charlie - they are just a year old now and featured as new kittens on our kitten web site 'Friends' page.

It was really lovely to hear how they are getting on and that all is well with them and their owner Carole. They have grown into two very fine Blue Point Birmans!

OK - well nobody ever said we couldn't have doggy friends as well at cat friends so a big Hi and welcome to little Ozzy who has moved in to live with Heather and Jeremy.

Heather is Dianne's daughter and despite her mother owning two of our cat friends, Gizzy and Caymus, she decided to share her life with a canine friend! Mind you he looks so cute we can hardly blame her..!

Hello to Dino and Pebbles who are natural sister and brother. Both very spoiled, naturally. Pebbles has the distinct seal-point siamese markings, while Dino has the lynx-point markings. They live with David.

They have their own web site which you can find at

We got this lovely message recently:

Gidday mate! My name is Felinfamous Alexi Keitum. I'm a seal tabby point birman kitten living in Sydney Australia. Just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE reading about your adventures. It gives me new ideas on how to get into more mischief!
I'm actually trying to get my humans to create a website of my own too. Will let you know if I succeed soon :)

Kei now has a web page which you can reach by clicking here

A really special hello to Disney and Coco who have moved in with Scot in Horley, Surrey. Coco is Oscar's sister and Disney is his half sister and it is lovely to see them settled together.

They have their very own web site so if you want to know more about them please click here!

This is Siam - much loved companion to Robert and Steven who went to Rainbow Bridge on 6th September 2003.

She is much missed and fondly remembered. Our thoughts go out to Robert and Steven in their sorrow.

A big hello to these three lovely cats - Archie & Bud (cuddling above) and their friend Jacks. They all live with Sabra and have their own web page at

A big warm welcome to Tia who has just moved in with Robert and Steven.

We wish her all the best in her new home - she will have a hard act to follow in Siam but we feel sure she will quickly win a place in their hearts

You may remember Coco and Disney who sent their photo earlier. Coco is Oscar's Chocolate Point sister and Disney is the Lilac Point.

Here we have two new, more recent, photographs to add to the collection!

The picture to the left shows Scapa and Darwin - two gorgeous Lilac Tabby Point Birmans who live in Ipswich (which is quite near to us!). They come from the same breeder as Max and they are soon to get the company of a little chocolate point kitten. Welcome Scapa and Darwin and we can hardly wait to see a photo of your new friend!
This is a really special photo because this is actually Oscar's Mum when she was just a kitten. Her 'posh' name is Sucette Juliet Bravo and she looks really gorgeous. Many thanks to her breeder for letting us have this picture!

A warm welcome to Lola who is snuggling up in bed and to Libby who is happily engaged in a fight with a dressing gown.

They are lovely Birman companions to Lisa and her family.

Lola is a show cat, whilst Libby waits at home.

Lola and Libby are Lisa's first Birmans but we rather suspect they won't be the last!


Sad news - July 2004

I was really terribly upset to hear that sadly Lola was taken very seriously ill within a week of her first birthday and has died. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Lisa and her family. I know the pain of losing a young companion and know that nothing I can say will ease the pain.

This is Dom Vito who lives with his owner Shendel in Brazil. He has his very own web page at

Many thanks for sending us your details to add to our worldwide friends


Hello and welcome to little Evie who has joined Karen and her family and lives with Bo-bo and Mhairi

No doubt she is keeping the older cats on their toes and she is making her show debut this Easter!

Hello again to Dino and Pebbles who have sent us a recent photo for the gallery.

They have their own web site which you can find at

A warm welcome to Jack a lovely Ragdoll kitten who will shortly be moving in with Linda

Happy birthday to Disney who was just one year old in May 2004 - Disney shares her home with Coco and featured earlier in this gallery.

Mind you Disney got a brand new bed but Coco decided that she would claim it just to make a point!

This little character will shortly be moving in with Dianne in North Carolina - she will have to share with Gizzy and Caymus and flies in on 18th June 2004

This is a recent photo of young Evie who lives with Karen and her family and shares them with Bo-bo and Mhairi - it looks like she enjoys playing on the slide in the garden!

She is certainly growing into a fine cat.

And this is Isis - a young Egyptian Mau who will shortly be joining Evie, Mhairi and Bo-bo.

I wonder what the three Birmans will make of a new breed joining the family?

This gorgeous trio - Stanley, Scarlet and Simon will very soon be moving in to live with Graeme.

They are litter brothers and sister and although Graeme's orginal plan was for two kittens he didn't want to break up the family so is taking on the whole group!

I have no doubt that they will keep him well entertained in the weeks and months to come!

Hello to a very large family of felines known as '5 Birmans and Minky'.

The lovely lady at the top is Minky - she moved from Cats Protection to live with five Birmans, and Pauline, on the Isle of Wight. Marti - the lovely seal point below wrote to tell us about the family. Mika, is a red point, Mini is a blue point, Monte is cream tabby point and Mach is a blue point. Quite a rainbow of Birmans there we think!

Minky won a whole years supply of Kitekat from Your Cat magazine last year in a photographic competition. Well done Minky!

These two gorgeous girls belong to JoLynn.

JoLynn has been a regular reader of our pages for some time and has recently sent us these photos. The lady at the top is Claire and the one below is Noelle who celebrated her birthday recently.

Here is another photo of Graeme's happy little trio - Stanley, Scarlett and Simon who are busy exploring and making themselves at home!

The lovely lady at the top is Lily who is a Birman/Ragdoll cross and lives with Susan and her husband.

The kitten at the bottom is Bertie who has just gone to live with Lily and Susan - no doubt he will soon have Lily playing with him!

A big hello to Oscar and Rosie, brother and sister, who live in Manchester with Ursula. Don't they look great cuddled up together?
A warm welcome to Pushkin much loved companion of Aedamair. This picture was taken to celebrate his third birthday and what a truly handsome cat he is!

This very handsome boy is Tao - much loved companion to Joy in Australia - he certainly looks like a bundle of fun!

We look forward to hearing about his adventures as he grows.

Guess what - Tao has now got his brother Danni to play with - Joy decided one Birman just wasn't enough so Danni came along to live with his brother! That is him in the bottom picture

This is Triple - a new arrival at the home of Sadie and Andy in Jersey - he looks really contented and such a handsome chap!
This handsome chap is Eric much loved by Masha - and one very relaxed Birman by the looks of things!
This is Chooch - best friend of Andrew - Chooch looks really contented and comfortable!

Say hello to a beautiful 2 year old long-haired tortoiseshell named Petunia and a very large orange tabby named Wiggles in the top photograph who live with Jenny together with Mr. Boopey an 8 year old Maine Coon he is pictured below with the much loved orange tabby Lexus who sadly died in December 2004
This handsome chap is Henry who lives with Carol plus Spider (an Angora), Sorcha (a Siamese) and Jack (a German Shepherd). It sounds like quite a house full!

These two very handsome boys are Roscoe & Harry who were adopted by Dorothy and her partner just before Christmas 2005 - it looks like they have settled into their new home really well!


Coco and Kai are two gorgeous 4 1/2 month old kittens who live in Wirral, Merseyside with Wendy.

Wendy says they are almost as spoiled as Lara, Max and Oscar - whatever can she mean 'spoiled'? I think the word she is looking for is pampered - and every Birman deserves a little pampering!

This gorgeous girl is Lucy owned by David and Sue. Their previous Birman, Tommy lived to be 20 years old and they thought long and hard before bringing another Birman into their home.

Sue says "Lucy is a different character to Tommy ( I think he was a " one off " ) but she is delightful and has won us over totally ( and everyone that meets her! ) As you say coming home to an empty house is awful - now I open the door and there is this wonderful welcome - what can beat that?"

Isn't she just gorgeous? and what a lovely photograph - definitely a little princess I think.


This handsome chap is Sumo - one Birman in a houseful of Maine Coons his feline friends are Rufus (his best mate) and Ember, Pepper, and Misty. Quite a houseful for their owner Linda we think!
This is Kimi who has just gone to live with Tracy - what a beautiful girl she is and she will no doubt have her twisted around her paw in no time at all

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