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May Day

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May Day

Well hello again to all our readers. No it isn't a distress call we just thought it would be nice to keep you updated about what we have been up to since my last message. Today is the first day of May and Monday is a Bank Holiday so Joan is quite relaxed as she does not have to go back to work again until Tuesday next week!

She must be in a good mood because when she went out shopping this morning for our pet food she decided to buy us a treat in the form of a 'remote control' toy mouse.

As you know we do enjoy toy mice so we were quite pleased although Max and I have not forgotten that around this time last year Joan went out and came back with Oscar as a 'surprise' and he wasn't anything like as easy to put 'back in the box' plus his batteries never seem to run out!

Lara and Max investigate

and then it moves!

so Oscar joins in

We really did have lots of fun patting him around and trying to avoid him when he ran in our direction. Of course he did stop from time to time and needed 'recharging' whatever that means. Joan really seemed to enjoy the game as well and it was quite nice to have a game to play where she could join in as well. (It keeps her out of mischief!)

We seem to be doing quite well with gifts and toys at the moment because last weekend she came back with an enormous ladybird on a stick. Yes really! She planted the stick in with the flowers and when the wind blows it makes a whirring noise.

Oscar was especially impressed with this and had to go and investigate first. Needless to say he made the discovery that if you get too close you get batted on the nose by it but he very soon got the message.

Last week we did some tests at home for a thing called 'Test your Pet'. I did the best out of the three of us but then Joan always said I was a clever cat even as a kitten! One of the tests required us to remember where she had put a treat - do these people think cats are stupid? Of course we can remember where the treats are hidden!

Oscar checks out the 'Ladybird'

Max and Lara share the 'Cat's Cradle'

Oscar gave a wonderful practical demonstration of this skill last weekend. On Sunday he started to climb some trellis in the garden so Joan went to see what he was doing just as he reached up with his paw into a bird's nest. She brought us all inside to keep the fledgling safe. The next evening when she let us out again Oscar made straight for the tree and the nest. Of course we remember where the treat is - it just needs to be an attractive enought treat. (In case you are wondering the little bird got away safely because Joan was on hand to make sure it did!)

Although the weather is getting better we still keep having cooler days when it is nice to stay inside and keep warm. We do enjoy our home comforts and the other day Joan caught me and Max having a quick snooze together on the radiator bed. They aren't really designed for two cats but we manage!

Meanwhile Oscar had got himself settled on the bed where he could relax on the duvet!

It hardly seems like a year has passed since he came here. He still loves to rough and tumble but he doesn't bite like he used to and he has learned that sometimes it is just nice to all cuddle up together for a snooze. We haven't yet persuaded him to understand the fact that once one of us is on a bed on the climber then that place is taken. If he climbs up and one of us is there already he just sits on top of us until we move - and we do move because he is quite a heavy cat now!!



and Oscar makes himself comfortable on the bed
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