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Glitter Balls

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Glitter Balls

This has been a busy month for us and we have had lots of great new toys to play with. A few weeks ago we got a lovely gift from America - a glitter ball - it turned out that Oscar decided it was his and he took it everywhere with him.

The only problem was he kept on losing in it all sorts of awkward places - frequently under the bed or behind the bedhead and even under the cooker.

Joan felt so sorry for him so she determined to try to track down some in this country. She couldn't find them in any of the pet shops so she went along to a cat show in Braintree and came home with absolutely loads from the Purrsonal Touch stand there - they must have wondered why anyone wanted a whole bag of them but Oscar was quite delighted as he has even more to lose!

We think he might have heard of an 'International Glitter Ball Competition' because he certainly takes the game very seriously indeed and has spent lots of time practising his bowling in case he gets called up for the England team.

Oscar seems to think if he gets into the team he might have to stay away for the occasional night so he thought he would try out camping! The nice people from HiLife pet foods were very kindly offering little tents a few weeks ago and Joan sent of for one for us to play with.

We think it is really great fun - it is just the right size for us - but Oscar says it might be better if it had a zip to close the door for cold night but he didn't mind posing pretttily in the doorway just to show it off.

Life hasn't been dull around here for me and Max either - Joan decided to put together a little book of pictures of the three of us. She tried two different places - Viovio which you can see by clicking here - and if you want to see the whole book in low resolution PDF (approx 1.25Mb) click here (you will need to have Adobe reader installed to see it).

She also looked at the MyPublisher site and did a book on there as well so if you want to have a look at that one go to order_id=183904 press ENTER and then, when asked, enter the password 652095 and you should be able to see it if you have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

We think we look sort of cute in there - but we will leave it to you to judge. Joan says it is a neat way to make a photo album to keep for the future. She thinks both companies are good but the MyPublisher site has a UK office which makes delivery of the finished book quicker.

Max said if there were photos to be taken he would pose to look as handsome as he possibly could and I think he looks great in this one.

Needless to say I took a little time before I was happy to settle down and look beautiful for the camera but Joan liked this one so much I got to be the 'Cover Girl' which I though was a great honour.

You won't be surprised, I know, to hear that there are lots of photos of all of us in there together with quite a lot of Oscar as he is so photogenic (and such a 'ham' in front of the camera!).

So I think it is fair to say we have had a very busy and very fun April - we are so looking forward to May - perhaps we will feature in another book?




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