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Hot and humid

The weather has been hot and humid recently so please scroll down to see how we kept cool

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Hot and humid

We have been really suffering recently because the weather has been really hot and humid and Joan has been kept really busy trying to find ways to keep us cool. Yes I know that cats originated in hot countries but we have lived all our lives in the relatively mild weather of the UK so when we get a heatwave it can be a bit unpleasant.

Joan bought solar blinds to try to keep the rooms cool when the sunshine was coming in through the windows all day but all that did was trap the heat behind the blind so it wasn't a lot of help.

She bought a fan but all that did was circulate the already warm air around the room and she wasn't keen to open all the windows in case we fell out.

She decided to try some more inventive solutions and now we have solar film fixed to the outside of the windows to try to stop the solar gain. We don't know if that will work yet so we are keeping our paws crossed and we will wait until the next warm spell to test that one out.

One day she came home with some trellis and tried putting that across the window to see if she could open the window and still keep us safely indoors but I gave her a quick demonstration of a cat putting its head through the trellis so she gave up on that idea! Mind you it did come in handy a couple of days later when we had a thunderstorm and she didn't want us to go out in the rain - she put it across the door opening so we could sit next to it and get fresh air without getting wet. We thought that was a really great idea and sat right next to it until a sudden clap of thunder sent us running! That was followed by huge hailstones so we are glad we stayed indoors.

Max looking cool!

Max, Lara and Oscar keep cool in the bathroom

Lara and Oscar side by side

Lara tries the washbasin for size

As you will see from the photos we found our own ways to stay cool by finding cool surfaces to sit on or lie down on but things were a bit unpleasant for a day or two.

Of course that didn't stop us finding ways to enjoy ourselves and I did a few demonstrations of my new hobby - sitting on top of the door. It is a really good place to go because I have a lovely view of everything and the boys can't tease me when I get up there!

Max has learned the same trick now but Oscar still hasn't managed it.

Max and I are still the very best of friends just like we were when we were little kittens and we still love to cuddle up together given half a chance. The other Sunday morning Joan caught a picture of us cuddled up in the conservatory.

Oscar is quite happy to cuddle up anywhere and we joke he would sleep anywhere even if he doesn't really fit!

Lara and Max have a cuddle

Lara demonstrates the art of 'door sitting'

Oscar scrunched up

but he knows Joan is there again with the camera!
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