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Summer Games

Well here we are, into the lazy, hazy days of a hot Summer and spending quite a bit of time outdoors in the garden having fun.

I love to explore around the bushes in the shade where it is cool but then come into the sunshine to play with Max and Oscar. Sometimes I get taken by surpise when one of them leaps out at me when I am passing - but mostly I know where they are.

In the picture below you can see Max chasing me on one of those times I didn't see him coming and you can tell from my expression just what I was thinking.

Don't worry - he didn't actually manage to catch me for a quick wrestling game - I got into the house, ran up the stairs, and was sitting there nonchalantly by the time Joan came inside to see what was going on!

There is however a downside to some of this rough play we engage in and that was all too apparent the day after these pictures were taken when Max was a bit quieter than usual and Joan noticed that he had a swelling on his head over the top of his eyes. She took him along to see the vet as she was quite worried about him.

It apprears that he had an old puncture wound on the top of his head and that had allowed and infection in under the skin. He was put on a course of antibiotics and after a few days with a swollen head and feeling miserable the abscess burst and Joan drained it for him. He is now back on top form but it was a bit of a worry for a while.

Lara in the garden

Max chasing Lara

Max watching and waiting

Oscar enjoys a snooze in the shade

There is a lot about to start happening in our house as well because we are 'getting the builders in' on 3rd July! Apparently this means that the house will be changing quite a bit so Joan has arranged for us to stay elsewhere for a couple of weeks.

However she is busy changing things around and clearing space in various places so lots of things have been disappearing and lots of people have been coming round to collect things.

It seems things are being 'Freecycled' using the Freecycle system on the internet to find people who want things we don't which saves them going to 'landfill' whatever that means?

We are also going to be going just a little 'green' and having Solar Water heating panels fixed to the roof. I doubt that will make any difference to us but if it makes Joan happy then we guess that will be OK.

At the moment we don't like the changes as some of our favourite snoozing places seem to have vanished but we just hope we get some new ones when the new configuration is completed.

Personally I would have liked to stay so that Oscar could supervise the builders (he is good at that sort of thing) but Joan says it will be too noisy and dusty.

Max and Lara in the sunshine in 'Victorian' pose

Oscar and Lara enjoying the garden

Lara - so sweet

Oscar looking cheeky

As you will have gathered we are enjoying the warm Summer weather - sometimes it gets just a little hot for us but we can usually find a shady spot to have a snooze. We hope you are enjoying the Summer sunshine!


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