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Garden Fun

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Garden Fun

As Spring turns into summer we are able to spend more and more time outside in the garden. It is great to be able to go out more but as it gets hotter Max and I like to find a nice shady spot where we can snooze whilst keeping one eye out for any unsuspecting birds who may happen to land on the lawn - not that we catch many but we do enjoy a good chase every now and then!

Needless to say Oscar hasn't quite got the hang of settling down and having a quiet snooze when we are outside (not that he has many quiet snoozes inside come to think of it!). So we can be laid there quietly minding our own business when suddenly 7lb of enthusiastic kitten comes hurtling into our hiding places!

Lara snoozing in the shade

Max snoozing in the shade

And Oscar hunting them down

Oscar finds Lara!

I am not too sure how we can teach him to slow down and be a bit more dignified? Joan says we were just the same when we were his age but I can't believe that we were.

There are lots of really good places for a kitten to explore in our garden and I have tried to show him where they are but he wants me to go with him all the time! It doesn't seem to matter where we hide he always manages to seek us out eventually.

Max loves to drink out for the birdbath in the garden. He is just tall enough to stretch up on one side of it and sip water from the edge. Oscar has always looked on with great admiration and this morning Joan managed to catch a couple of quick snaps of him trying to do the same.

They do give you some idea of just how big Oscar is - he is just 19 weeks old now and weighs in at 7lb 4oz (at 20 weeks I weighed 4lb 12oz and Max weighed 5lb 12oz). We guess it won't be long before he can reach!

Max has a quick drink from the bird bath

and Oscar tries really hard to do the same!

This morning I heard quite a noise coming from upstairs and Max and Oscar were having a great hide and seek game at the top of the stairs. You can see from the picture of the two of them alongside that even the 'Laughing Buddha' was enjoying the fun as Oscar tried to reach down and tap paws with Max.

We are getting email now from cats, kittens and owners all around the world and it seems that there are quite a few people who are enjoying following our adventures.

Keep sending us the messages because we love to hear from you and don't forget to include a cat or kitten photo so that we can put you on our 'Friends' page!


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