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2005 and the birthday boys!

Please scroll down to hear about the New Year and Max and Oscar's birthdays

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2005 and the birthday boys!

Happy New Year greetings to all our readers - sorry if we are a bit late with the greeting but January has been quite a busy month for us! Not only did we have to celebrate with Joan on New Year's Eve but we have also had to keep on eye on her as she gets more and more engrossed in her new job plus Max had a birthday during January and Oscar's birthday was earlier this week on 2nd January.

New Year's Eve was good fun we played and wrestled as usual and listened carefully to see if we could hear the fireworks at midnight. I am really pleased to be able to report that although we heard a few bangs and pops in the distance our neighbours were kind enough not let let them off close to our house so we were just fine. A truly Happy New year for us!

Oscar, Max and Lara taking it easy!

Max on his third birthday

As you may have gathered we are getting quite grown up now. Max was three years old on 25th January and celebrated by having a special dish of tuna flavoured cat food. We almost managed to persuade Oscar to let him eat it in peace but given that food is Oscar's main hobby we didn't quite succeed!

As you know Max is quite special to me as he came to join me after I had only lived here for six weeks and we still have great games playing chase around the house. Our favourite game of the moment involves one of us hiding behind the lounge curtains and then leaping out when someone walks by. Second favourite for me is still the toffee paper and I find one to play with once I know the boys are fast asleep somewhere - usually on Joan's knee.

I have taken to getting up quite early in the morning and calling for the boys to come downstairs for a game. For some reason Joan doesn't seem too happy with - this mostly I suspect because the boys are quite sound sleepers so sometimes I have to shout before they hear me. It could be that, but on the other hand, it could be because once they do wake up we have loads of fun playing the chase game which does involve thundering up and down stairs. Sometimes we think that humans just have no sense of fun at all!

Oscar - proud to be two years old

Oscar can still be quite cheeky especially when I try to give him advice
- I did try to tell him that you shouldn't put your tongue out!

Oscar was two years old on 2nd February - amazing, as it is really no time at all since he joined us a kitten. He is an endearing cat with the most gentle nature except when he is in full flow in the middle of a chase. Max and I wish he would learn how to 'stop' as sometimes he piles into us at full speed which can knock us off our balance!

Despite that we wouldn't change him for the world and we do get a lovely peaceful afternoon when he goes out doing his PAT cat visits to the old folks.

This week he has been quite worried as one of his elderly gentlemen was quite poorly last week so he wasn't able to see him. We do so hope he is getting better as I know Oscar loves to go and visit him.

Best wishes for all of you in 2005 - keep watching this site and I will write again soon.


Max and Lara enjoy a cuddle

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