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All of a sudden the weather seems to have changed and where we had hot and lazy days in the garden it is now much cooler and today we have what you could definitely call a cold wind.

So much so in fact that we didn't stay out in the garden for too long but raced back inside, where it was much warmer, after about half an hour.

I have been feeling a bit off colour for a few days and Joan said she thought it was because I was getting my winter coat so had got a little hairball stuck from tidying up my old summer coat.

She looked for some stuff called 'liquid paraffin' but when she couldn't find any in the cupboard she produced a bottle labelled 'cod liver oil' instead.

It tasted quite nice so I licked it off the spoon and within a couple of days I was feeling much better thank you!

Lots of the leaves are now falling from the trees and it is such fun to race through them and to jump into them from the outdoor climber.

Max and Lara playing outside

Oscar puts a paw around Max's shoulder

Oscar and Max are really into 'boys games' at the moment. Now that they are both about the same size they really enjoy racing around together.

As you can see from the photo on the left the games can get quite boisterous. It might look like Oscar has a caring paw around Max's shoulder but believe me within seconds of this photo being taken they were wrestling in the garden. That friendly looking gesture was really more a case of holding him still for just a second!

We hear talk that we might be moving house sometime soon. That sounds quite exciting but we hope that we have a good garden to play in.

Max and I have always enjoyed little excursions outside but Oscar is a real outdoor cat and loves to go out whenever he can and races around to get lots of exercise.

You can see what I mean about 'playing rough' in the photo to the right - Oscar is on top with Max rolling around underneath. But don't worry about Max as seconds later the positions are reversed!

But just look at the grass on our lovely lawn - it used to be really green and lush but after weeks without rain it is now brown and hard.

Another favourite game we have is around the wheelbarrow and if you look at the photo below you can see Oscar and Max having fun playing in and out of it.

Oscar likes to be the centre of attention and the other day when Joan was quietly trying to read the Sunday papers outside he decided to roll about on it so that she couldn't see what she was reading!


Oscar and Max rolling about

Oscar and Max playing around the wheelbarrow

Oscar enjoys the Sunday paper

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