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The 'Climbing frame' and Max's new adventure!

Scroll down to see Max and Lara with their new climbing frame! Then scroll on to read about Max's latest adventure

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Climbing frame and Max's new adventure!

OK - we know we are very lucky cats and from time to time we have no alternative other than to admit it!

This week is just one of those times! As you know we do like to keep our owner on her toes so that she knows she has to cater for our every whim (at least that is what we try to do but it doesn't always quite work out as we intend).

Well last Friday, while she was at work, a man came to the door with two HUGE parcels. We couldn't see what was in them and we haven't yet learned how to open the door to receive deliveries. Anyway he went off and managed to leave them somewhere and when Joan came home we saw her dragging these parcels on to the back lawn.

They looked really heavy and we just couldn't wait to go out into the garden to see what they were. Fortunately we were in luck because our owner opened the door and we were able to inspect the boxes.

They were massive and they must have been heavy because she couldn't lift them so she unpacked them on the lawn.

At first I couldn't make out what the contents were. There were some scratching posts and what looked like cat beds and they smelled very new.

Bit by bit they were taken into the house and Max went inside to take up the role of 'Foreman' to make sure that they were put together properly! I stayed in the garden and checked out the boxes to make sure they were really empty and to check them out as potential play areas.

Max said it was really funny to watch - the posts were spun until they wouldn't spin any more and the beds were put on top of the posts and spun until they stopped wobbling. When it was all finished Joan stood back and admired her handywork but Max wasn't too keen to try it out until he came out for me so that we could explore it together.

The minute I saw the finished article I recognised it! It was very like the ones I had played on as a tiny kitten - not as big you understand because when I was a kitten it was really high up and this one wasn't nearly so scary. Nevetheless it was a kind thought of Joan to buy it for us.

We love it and take it in turns (more or less) to snooze at the very top or to recline there and watch the world go by the window!

Max at the top and Lara on the lower bed
On Monday Max made a bid for freedom - we had both been in the garden for most of the day and I went in around teatime to see if tea was on its way! Joan went out after a few minutes to see what Max was up to and there was no sign of him so she searched the garden and then started calling his name. When he didn't appear she went out of the garden and he was wandering up the footpath outside. When he saw her he sauntered over to our neighbours car in their drive and lay down underneath it! She fished him out and took him back into the garden where I was waiting - he galloped around for about ten minutes running across the lawn at great speed. We waited to see if he would try to get out again and sure enough he suddenly made a bee-line for the rubbish bin, jumped on top of it, climbed some trellis behind it and got on to the top of the fence! Joan grabbed him and put him in the house.

As you know she worries about us getting on to the road so she was not happy about him getting out on his own and he had made it very clear that he had enjoyed himself and wanted to go again so Joan bought some netting! She spent the next morning making his exit route escape proof. Joan let him out into the garden in the afternoon and sure enough he went straight for it. When he got to the top of the fence he found the exit barred by netting! He was not very pleased - he tried to push it away and then tried further along with the same result. He left Joan in no doubt that he wasn't happy and that night he didn't sit on her knee all night in protest!!

He has been happier since and now when she gets home from work and lets us out to play he doesn't try to escape but is very fussy and loving and keeps rubbing round her ankles so he just might have forgiven her!

Max looking over the fence in safety!

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