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During August we have been enjoying some great games. Please scroll down to read more about it

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August has been a strange month - we seem to remember that last year it was so hot we couldn't get comfortable but this year the weather has been really strange and just when we were enjoying a game in the garden the rain came along to spoil everything.

Not only that but on more than one occasion Joan has come home from work absolutely soaking wet so we guess she hasn't been enjoying it too much either!

Given that garden games have been somewhat limited and the fact that the two 'boys', Max and Oscar, have still got loads of energy to expend that has meant that we have been rather more involved with indoor games rather than outdoor ones.

Unlike humans our indoor games are just as lively as the ones we play outside but you can't quite chase as far!

Lara relaxes while the others play

Max and Oscar having great fun on the climber!

There aren't actually any 'rules' to the game so far as I am aware it is more about who can 'tag' who the most without getting 'tagged' back in return. Plus the other main feature is how to stay on top of the climber without getting pushed off.

Max being the older of the two is quite good at the game - well he did play it extensively with me before Oscar came long - but Oscar is no fool and can hold his own even in the liveliest of contests!

It might look like it is quite serious but it isn't really - they are the best of friends and one only needs to start the game with a quick pose and the two of them will be engaged in combat for several minutes before they take a break only to resume again five minutes later.

All of this is helping Oscar's fitness programme and he is now quite active despite his considerable weight!

Joan still takes Oscar on his regular PAT cat visits and he is really full of himself each time as he sets off in the cat basket to see the old folks.

He tells us that he now has a regular round of visits at the home and is making some very special friends amongst the people who live there and the staff.

He still refuses to walk in his harness so he is carried from room to room by Joan. He says that he feels it makes him look more regal to be carried everywhere!

Some of the old folk sit him on their knees and give him a cuddle and whilst he isn't especially keen on that he doesn't worry because they find him quite heavy after a while and let him go back to Joan's arms!

Lara takes it easy............!

Max and I are quite happy to stay at home whilst he goes visiting because it does at least give us a whole afternoon of peace and quiet!



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