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Play Days

Lara investigating the network box

This weekend is a holiday weekend and we have been having lots and lots of fun together. Yesterday Joan decided to rewire her computer network which meant it gave us a golden opportunity to learn some new skills!

Part of the exercise entailed taking out the old cable and laying new including threading it through some fairly narrow gaps. Joan figured that the easiest way to do this was to attach the old cabling to the new and then as she pulled the old cable out it would pull the new cable through, Good thinking!

In order to do this she decided to attach them together with 'Duck tape' and of course Max and I found the roll. There was a bit of tape sticking out of the end of the roll so Max grabbed it and flung the roll down the stairs. It bounced on every step on the way down and just missed Joan who was sitting on one of the steps threading cable. Of course we bounded down after it - it was a really great game you should try it sometime!

The whole thing went really well and now we have a new computer to replace the one which 'gave up the ghost' a couple of week ago.

The good thing about this kind of job is that it generates lots of boxes and things which we can investigate and play with and, as you know, we really do enjoy playing and finding new games to keep us occupied.

The network box was great fun as it made a sort of little tunnel which I could just about sqeeze into but which was far too small for Max to manage. He is getting to be really quite big now but he is really soft most of the time and doesn't tend to throw his weight about too much.

I had to go to the vets last week as I have developed a small lump on my back near to where I had my injections a couple of weeks ago. The vet said we must keep and eye on it and if it doesn't go away I might have to have an operation!

Bo-Bo our half brother who lives in Bedfordshire

Do you remember me telling you that we heard from Bo-Bo our half brother a few weeks ago? He lives in Bedfordshire and last weekend Joan went to a cat show where he was being shown.

We are really pleased to see that he won his class and Joan took his photo which you can see alongside. Shame about the bars though - we wondered what he had done to get put 'inside' !

While Joan was at the show she was looking at some of the other Birmans and fell totally in love with a couple of tabby point kittens. She has decided it would be really nice for us to have another Birman in the family so she has asked my breeders if they will let her have a tabby point kitten.

They haven't got any at present that aren't already spoken for so Joan thinks it will be much later in the year before we get company. Max and I aren't too sure about the idea at present but just so long as it doesn't try to take over it should be OK!

Max was up to mischief again yesterday when we were playing out in the garden. We were both sitting on some steps in the garden when this rather cheeky bird came and sat on the roof.

Max looked up and decided that he could just about reach the swan neck of the rainwater pipe from where he was so he jumped across, swung on it for a moment and then pulled himself on to the roof of the bungalow.

Joan saw him and just managed to get up the steps and grab his tail before he disappeared and after a brief struggle she got hold of him and brought him safely down to earth!

The steps are now gone so his new trick is to climb up the shrubs on to a windowsill and think how he can get back on to the roof!

Max looking for ways on to the roof!

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