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Lazy, hazy days of Summer

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Lazy, hazy days of Summer

It seems to be getting hotter and hotter as each week goes by. Joan lets us play out in the garden whenever she can but because Oscar hasn't quite realised that he should rest in the shade when the sun is at it hottest we all get brought inside at lunchtime so that we can have a 'siesta' in the cool of the house.

I seem to remember that Max and I were just the same about the same time last year so perhaps it is just a kitten thing and Oscar will learn, as he gets older, to take things easy.

We have been in trouble over the last couple of weeks for catching a couple of birds! Max thought it might be a good idea to teach Oscar how it is done so he showed him how to lie in wait and sneak up on them. Joan doesn't like him to do that so we get brought inside when we do that. I don't think she minds us watching them and even chasing them a little just so long as we don't catch any!

Oscar enjoys a 'Siesta' in the middle of the day

Oscar looks up at the doves

Anyway as Oscar is quite a fast learner he soon got the idea of stalking and chasing and decided to set his sights high on the biggest birds he could find. We have a couple of doves nesting in the flowering cherry tree at the moment so he spent ages and ages staring up at them in the tree willing them to come down. He even thought of climbing up to get them but at present the trunk of the tree is just too big for him!

Oscar and Lara playing around the base of the tree

I thought it might be best to try to distract him by playing a chase game with him around the base of the tree and it wasn't very long before he was so engrossed by the game that he had completely forgotten the little family high in the branches.

Max likes to find a good vantage point to watch the action from and one of his favourite places is on top of the outside climber. It has lots of little platforms to sit on but one big flat platform to lay on. We tend to play 'first come first served' on that one and we use it to watch what the other two are doing before deciding if we want to join in a game.

Max and I decided a couple of weeks ago to take it in turns to play with Oscar. We found that way we each get some peace and some exercise and it seems to be the only way to tire him out! He has lots and lots of energy but also knows lots of great games especially in the garden when he springs at us from anywhere.

He particularly likes hiding in the big shrubs and jumping out as we pass by but I am beginning to watch for that one so if I spot the branches moving I dive in there after him before he can spring out at me!

Max surveys the garden from a high vantage point

Lara relaxing in her favourite spot!

A couple of days ago Joan was awakened in the early hours by the sound of rattling china in the kitchen below. She got out of bed and came downstairs to find Max and I innocently sitting in the kitchen looking up at the draining board. Needless to say it was Oscar who had made all the noise (at least that is our story and we are sticking to it!) He had got the biggest, hairiest moth you have ever seen! It was in the washing up bowl swimming and he was patting it with one paw. After each pat he licked his paw dry as if he couldn't quite understand why it was so wet.

Joan muttered something at us and then went back to bed. In the morning when she got up the moth was dead so she put it out on the patio. Within minutes a big blackbird had swooped down and flown off with it in its beak!

As you will have gathered we are quite enjoying Summer. I have tried to explain to Oscar that this will be followed by Autumn and then Winter but he doesn't seem to understand that it will get cold and windy so he should enjoy the weather whilst he can!


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