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Well what better way to spend a birthday!
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Oscar's first birthday

Yes, at last, Lara and Max finally gave me the chance to do my very own page for the internet as it is my first birthday!

Of course what better way is there to spend your birthday than doing all the things you like and I am no exception to that rule. First I found a wonderful spot for a snooze - relaxing on the radiator bed with the sun streaming in as well - talk about cosy! It had been so cold last week that I was just glad to finally see the sun so I had to make good use of it.

Then I had a special breakfast and set off to see what I could find to do on my special day ...............! Lara had found a pile of feathers so I thought it would be fun to investigate them with her.

Lara and Oscar find a feather boa

which Lara thinks is great!

Oscar strikes a birthday pose

Joan then came along and suggested I did a quick 'pose' for the camera for my birthday so I happily obliged (for just the one photo) and then I saw Max approaching to see what was going on.

I just knew he would have a game with me so, within minutes, we were locked in physical combat and Joan's best laid plans went completely awry!

I love having Lara around because she takes care of me and makes sure I am OK. However having Max around is great as well because we can play really rough games and pretend to be 'wild cats' hunting prey and surprsing each other. Either that or we wrestle for supremacy!

In truth we are the best of friends and, even if I forget how big and heavy I am, they both seem to forgive me if I get a bit too boisterous!


Max stalks up on Oscar

and then the fun begins!

Max and Oscar resting after the game

Max ready for another game!

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