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Sunshine and showers

Hello - the last few weeks have been sunny with showers please scroll down to see what we have been doing

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Sunshine and showers

So what do we do with ourselves when the warm sunshine disappears and we are faced with showers? We come indoors of course and pose for a few more photos for the web site. Well not all the time you understand but now and again it is fun to do just that especially as Joan sometimes sends them around the world to share with other people who love Birmans.

I do love trying to look cute for her and the boys also have their 'moments' in front of the camera.

I wonder if you remember a picture Joan took of Max when he was tiny kitten and had tired himself out by playing chase games with me? It is this little snap below. Well the other day Max decided to try to do it again one morning when he wasn't quite ready to get up for his breakfast so Joan grabbed the camera and got the new shot taken about three years later now he is grown up!


Sleepy Max

Oscar in the curtain

We have been trying some new games out on Joan - the garden is growing so well now it is quite easy to find a new hiding place in the base of the shrubs and we figure she can have hours of fun trying to find us in there. It is tricky sometimes because we have to remember not to come rushing out when she calls us but we are getting quite good at that now!

We can also do the same indoors and one of Oscar's favourite places is behind the curtains in the bedroom. He tried to get in there the other day and didn't quite get it right so Joan got a snap of him peeping out from behind the curtain - see what I mean about 'cute'?

Oscar doesn't seem to have a happy medium between rushing round getting into mischief and fast asleep - and when he relaxes he certainly knows how to relax. Joan always smiles at him on the climber because he seems to think that the most comfortable way to sleep is lying on his back with all four feet in the air. It doesn't look too comfortable to me - what do you think?

You might have noticed that Joan has found another new fabric for us to pose against this month - it is an apricot voile which she thought might set us off well - I loved it but Max needed just a little encouragement with a few feathers before he would pose!

Sleepy Oscar



Max very settled in a snug cat tub!

Lara and Oscar discuss the finer points of posing

Joan is very pleased with our teeth these days as most of the tartar has gone - the routine of holisitc cat food and the homeopathic remedy Fragaria certainly seems to be doing the trick. Although we no longer get the supermarket bought sachets of 'meat(?) in gravy' we get lots of tasty food - fish and raw meaty chunks as well as holistic kibble so we don't get bored


Oscar and Lara asleep in the voile

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