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It is that time of year again when lots and lots of BIG spiders come into the house looking for somwhere warm and cosy to spend the winter months.

We know just how they feel because this weekend it has suddenly got really cold and it isn't even October! The biggest problem of course is that Joan isn't that keen on sharing the house with lots of spiders so we do our very best to make sure that she is safe by going spider hunting.

She doesn't mind the ones in the garden it is the big ones in the bath she is never very keen on and recently we have got into the habit of checking out the bath each morning for her.

Max did it on Friday but he was a little late and unfortunately got into the bath after Joan had started to run the water! Needless to say he got out again very quickly indeed....

Oscar as you might imagine has taken the whole business very seriously and doesn't wait for them to get into the bath he actively makes it his job to scour the house for them.

He soon realised that wherever you get a spiders web you invariably find a spider. He researched this at some length by going round the back of the dustbin in the dark corners and emerging later covered in sticky residue all over his whiskers but he did not let that stop him in the ceaseless search for knowledge.

Now that his research is complete he realises all he has to do is to search the house for spiders webs and he will be able to effectively rid the house of the little beasts.

The only problem is that they are often far too high up for him to reach so he has perfected the art of fixing them with a stare which makes Joan take an interest and then get the feather duster to dislodge them. All he has to do then is to wait below in the hope that the spider will come down as well.

Last Sunday he was doing his customary PAT cat visit happily engaged in receving a fuss from one of his many fans when he saw it - the tiny remains of a web, high in the corner of the ceiling. The old lady tried to get his attention but he was transfixed. She wondered why he was ignoring her so Joan explained.

Oscar looking for mischief!

Max watches a spider

Joan said it was so embarrassing - the home they visit is very nice and very well kept. We just hope that Oscar hasn't upset the cleaners by drawing attention to a minor problem otherwise he could end up banned!

We have all been having lots of fun recently as we have had lots of visitors to look through the house. Joan is thinking of moving again so she has been busy showing people around. Some of them are really nice and make a great fuss of us - others aren't too keen and just ignore us so Oscar does his best to trip them up.

Joan brought us a present home today. It was a lovely tunnel for us to play in. I thought it was great to explore and Joan got a couple of shots of me playing in there. Max wasn't too keen but Oscar decided he would like a go - the trouble is he is rather too big for it so he can't wriggle through it like I can!



Oscar looks for Lara in the tunnel

Lara rather more 'wearing it' than playing in it!

Max and Oscar in the garden

The trio at rest after a hectic day!
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