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Summer certainly seems to be on its way at long last so please scroll down to see how we have been welcoming it.

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As I write this at the end of April it is certainly beginning to look and feel as if Summer is on its way however this wasn't the case earlier in the month. When we woke up on 9th April the garden was covered in snow! Yes really - and just in case you doubt my word a quick look at Max in the photo alongside will show his amazement as well.

We couldn't really believe it, and it didn't stay around for too long, but it was definitely snow and far too cold for my delicate paws!

Here we are, three weeks later and Summer seems to be on its way. Today has been glorious and we have spent much of the day out in the garden. A couple of weeks ago Max discovered that he could climb trees - there is only one left in the garden without a 'collar' on it so it was that one he picked.

He climbed high into the branches a realised that from up there he had a lovely vantage point from where he could look over the fence and into the neighbour's gardens. What he didn't realise though was that they could see him and within minutes one was looking over the fence just to check if Joan knew what he was up to!

She did, of course, and was on hand to make sure that he got down safely without hurting himself. Joan says he was planning the excursion ready for when the blossom was out so that he could have a photocall in the branches.

Joan thinks it is lovely combination of colours - Lilac Point Birman, blue sky and pink blossom and if Max structured it on purpose he certainly got the mix right!

It goes without saying that I couldn't resist getting in on the act so there is a photo of me in amongst the blossom as well.

Lara amongst the blossom

Max - Lilac Birman, blue sky, pink blossom!

Oscar didn't actually venture up the tree - something to do with his 'centre of gravity' being in the wrong place. He preferred to stay on 'terra firma' and keep Joan company.

Well to be precise Joan was trying to read the paper out in the garden but he decided she could pay him more attention so he lay across the piece that she was reading just to remind her that he was far more interesting than anything in the paper!

April has been quite an eventful month for us. It is the month when Max and I have to have our booster shots and in readiness for this Joan checked out our teeth and was horrified to find that we had awful tartar, especially Max.

She set about reading everything she could find on the problem and decided drastic action was necessary. We are now on a more holistic diet and have Burns Cat food every day. She does let us have some raw meat from time to time as well as the occasional raw meaty bones like chicken wings and carcasses.

In addition she put us on a homeopathic remedy called Fragaria which she buys from those nice people at Dorwest. We had to take one little pillule every day for a month as this is supposed to soften tartar. After the month we need to have one pillule each week to keep them clean.

By the time we went for our appointment our teeth were very much improved and the vet said we would not need 'dental work' whatever that means?

Oscar lays on the paper

Also in April Joan went away for a couple of days and left us! That really isn't like her and we do hope she doesn't make a habit of it. However she didn't put us in a cattery she had a very nice neighbour come in and take care of us which was really quite nice.

We have watched this lady walk her dog each day past our house but fortunately she didn't bring it with her when she came to see us!

Oscar made an enormous fuss of her, Max was polite and I hid out of sight until she went back home. Joan says that got her quite worried as she wondered if I had escaped but Joan had warned her that I might do that anyway!

Talking of hiding I managed to catch Joan out the other day! It was the day after we had our injections and I was feeling a bit off colour. Joan let us out into the garden for some fresh air and then came out to check on us half an hour later. She could find the boys but not me so she started to get worried about me.

She called of course but I was so comfortable that I thought I would stay where I was for a while. She looked in all my usual places without success when she suddenly got lucky and found my new hiding place. It is an excellent spot in the plant tub under the rhododendron where it is cool and shady and a great vantage point!

Lara in her new hiding place

Max contemplating another tree climb

Talking of good hiding places Oscar has found a good one for Summer which is cool and shady and even has its own spy hole to watch for anyone approaching!


Oscar's new hiding place

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