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Warmth and Sunshine

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Warmth and Sunshine

Well at long last the weather has finally become a little warmer with a bit more sunshine so Joan has been busy trying to persuade us to at least pose with some flowers so that it feels like Spring is just about here at last.

I am beginning to believe that winter is long gone for although we still have frosty nights (which makes the grass cold on my paws every morning!) we are having lovely sunshine during the day so that we can seek out pools of sunlight to snooze in and believe me we are quite good at finding them these days.

The conservatory is the favourite place for sunlight pools and for my adoptiversary Joan bought a tiny chair for the conservatory which I have claimed as my own. In truth there hasn't been too much competition for it. Max knows that I get first choice and although Oscar mad a valiant attempt at claiming it he doesn't quite fit!

Bits of him hang over the edges so he find it quite hard to get comfortable. In the end he gave up and now I have my very own special chair where I can enjoy the Spring sunshine and watch the birds playing out in the garden.

There has been an outbreak of Bird Flu in Scotland last week so Joan says if it spreads we may need to stay indoors and we will not be allowed to chase the birds in case we get sick. We hope that doesn't happen because we love Summer days outdoors.

Oscar, of course couldn't resist playing with the flowers but then again he always manages to fill photo sessions with mischief!

You can see exactly what I mean when you look at him squeezing into MY little chair which just isn't quite big enough for him now that he has grown into a BIG boy! He can get in there of course but can't get comfortable like I can

Max needless to say takes everything in his stride. He much prefers to compress himself into a favourite spot like this little space under the stool. He used to play under there as a tiny kitten and doesn't seem to appreciate that although he has grown the stool hasn't.

It doesn't look in the least but comfortable to me but Max doesn't care. At least when he is under there it is difficult for either me or Oscar to launch a surprise attack!

Speaking of surprise attacks little Pinkie has been out to join in the games again and if you look at the shots below you can see me and Max engaged in a game with him. There are no prizes for guessing who was about to come and join us! Oscar just hates to be left out of the fun!

Oscar has been nusy with his visits to the old folk. Many of them suffered tummy upsets at the end of February and sadly in recent weeks a couple of his regular friends have died. It doesn't seem quite the same with less old folk for him to visit but Joan says that she feels sure there will be some new old folk going into the home soon who will be delighted to see him when he does his regular visits.

Max and I hope she is right because we do enjoy the hour or two of peace when Joan and Oscar are out on their visits!

Oscar says it is incredibly hard work doing the visits each week and you can see just how tiring it is by looking at the picture of him on the right. It wasn't very long after he returned from one of his visits that he found a wonderful sunshine pool and rolled over to take a snooze!

Yesterday Joan went to a cat show in Essex to do a bit of shopping for us and to have a look around the show. She said there were some really beautiful cats there but that she realised that it was the Birmans that she loved the most.

The poeple who bred me and Oscar were at the show with a grogeous chocolate point Birman girl and the lady who bred Max had a handsome lilac point Birman boy. It goes without saying that Joan couldn't resist taking a photo of both of them so if you scroll down you will see Rivanna Churstons Chablis and Rivanna Cloudshadow - just five months old and winning already! We wish them both luck in their future careers.


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