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Christmas 2002
Happy New Year
Max is a year old

Prizes and snow!
One year on!
Water feature
Climber and adventure
Play days
New cat on the block
Becoming friends
Happy families!
Garden Fun
Bumble bees!
Lazy, hazy Summer
Water everywhere
Oscar's day at the vets
Garden visitors
Moving House
Christmas is coming!
Christmas 2003

New Year 2004

Max's birthday
Oscar's 1st birthday
Cat dancing
Two years on
Easter 2004

May Day

Oscar's First Year

Summer 2004
Oscar a PAT cat
Carpet fitting
December 2004
Christmas 2004
2005 and birthdays
Winter Fun
Three years on!

Sunshine and showers
Hot and humid
Window safety
Tree collars
Artist's models
Halloween Fun
Nearly Christmas
Christmas 2005

2006 has arrived

Brrr! Where is Spring?
Warmth and Sunshine
Glitter balls
Our own book

Summer Games
Having the Builders in!
Busy, busy
Christmas 2006
Posing Prettily
New Pictures

Dangerous Hairball
Christmas 2007
Birthdays etc
Senior Cat
A Puppy in the house
Update July 2011

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Cat accessories - favourite things!
Facts page - shows details of our breeding


Amy - my first Birman

Katy and Lucy's page

Great Danes

Video Clips - See the trio playing with 'Panic Mouse'

Comparisons - how we have changed over the years


Here are some links to some sites you might like to look at. If you want a link to your site here please email my owner on the link at the bottom of the page.

Web sites

NEW! Cat fine art - lovely paintings of cats from Anna Tikhomirova-Gold

Churston Birmans - Lara and Oscar's breeders

Please click on the link above to go to Tanya's page for more information on Chronic Renal Failure - this is an excellent resource for anyone whose cats are suffering a similar fate to Katy and Lucy

To see some simply gorgeous photographs of cats go the PhotoCat web site of Valentina and Anatoli

A tribute to Jill - a lovely website put together in tribute to a much loved family pet -
also contains the story of Rainbow B

Catsup web site

Birman cats web group - a group of people interested in Birman cats

Burns Pet nutrition

Custard's site - my friend Custard another lovely Birman

Cat art gifts - a super site with lots of cat art gifts

Cat Club - lots of information and links to other cat sites

Cats in charge and, for the page with Max's photo on it please click here

Cats Companion

Cat World magazine

Kalven cat climbers and cat aerobic centres

Our Cats Newspaper

Your Cat Magazine

About cats web site

Feline Advisory Bureau

Feline web sites

Birman Cat Club (UK)

Cats Protection League

Dorwest Herbs

Cats info site

Stowe Veterinary Group

Littermaid Self Cleaning Litter Box - The Littermaid computerized litter box is on 24 hour litter patrol. Solid waste and litter clumps are automatically raked into a hidden container. No scooping, raking or bagging used litter.

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Churston Birmans - Lara's breeders

Rivanna Birmans - Max's breeders

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