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Oscar as a PAT cat

Oscar has been formally registered as a PAT cat and done his first visit. Scroll down to read about it

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Oscar as a PAT cat

Oscar has now been formally accepted as a PAT cat (Pets as Therapy) following on from his formal assessment and this weekend he made his very first visit to a local elderly persons home.

Unfortunately it was a very hot day for his first visit which was a bit of a worry for me as I don't really like to take the cats out in the car in the heat of the day but with the air conditioning on full blast it wasn't too bad for the journey down there.

Oscar had his very own ID tag complete with photo and a little blue harness and lead, I had my own ID badge and a bright yellow T shirt so that everyone knew we were official visitors.

We were expected at the home so were met on our arrival and Oscar went to the staff room to be introduced to everyone who worked there.

Oscar relaxing in the garden

Oscar investigating the Sunday papers

Needless to say they all loved him and made us very welcome but we set off with some trepidation to meet the residents. Oscar decided he did not want to walk on the harness and lead so was carried into the lounge - that kind of suited him as he was able to make a 'grand entrance'

The ladies in the lounge were very pleased to see him and he went around and let them all make a fuss of him. Then we went to visit a lady who was 98 years old who was really pleased to see us. She stroked him and tears began to fall on her cheek, Oscar looked up at her with his gorgeous blue eyes and very gently put his paw on her knee. Somehow he seemed to have an empathy with her and she with him.

After a few minutes we walked on to meet an elderly gentleman who had had cats all his life until he went into the home and he was delighted to have a feline visitor.

Our next port of call was a lady whose mother used to breed Siamese cats. She told me stories of her mother's cats and made a big fuss of Oscar which he lapped up with pleasure.

I was so proud of him. He is still quite a young cat but has a great love of people. I registered him for the scheme because I thought he might enjoy it and bring pleasure to others as he does to me.

Although he is generally a very quiet cat he did meow as we went down the corridors and again in the car on the way home. I suspect this could have been because he was wondering where Max and Lara were as generally when we go out in the car we all go together. Anyway he seemed non the worse for his day out with the elderly people and I hope they will welcome us back another day.

Needless to say Max and Lara were curious about where he had been so he was fully investigated on his return

Oscar relaxing after his busy day

Max relaxes

I am not too sure whether it is something that Max would enjoy. He is a very gentle cat but not quite as outgoing as Oscar. I may just get him assessed at some time in the future to see how he would react.

Lara is quite reserved with strangers, she isn't frightened of them but tends to hang back when we have visitors and lets Oscar have all the fussing. She will come and investigate but doesn't instigate contact so I think she would prefer not to go visiting.

The PAT scheme generally provides dogs for visiting and I would imagine they are much easier to train for the work however not everyone likes dogs and some do prefer cats so I expect there will always be one or two places where we will be made welcome.

Lara relaxes indoors

Lara enjoying the evening sunshine

The weather here is now getting quite hot as the Summer weather develops. The cats love to spend time outdoors when they can but mostly they will settle in the shade in the heat of the day venturing out as the sun gets lower in the sky.

They have been trying to tell me for days that there was something living under the garden shed because each time I let them out they made a beeline for it and then sat around staring underneath.

The other night the garden light came on and I finally saw our visitor as a large hedgehog ambled across the lawn. He disappeared into the bushes around the edge and the light went off plunging the garden back into darkness. The next morning as soon as I got up I saw him amble back across the lawn and under the shed where he clearly sleeps during the hours of daylight much to the cats disgust.

So far the three of them haven't met him face to face and I have no idea how they would react but they did watch fascinated through the window so they know he is out there. I guess it is only a matter of time .............!


Max taking it easy!

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