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A tale from Max

The last couple of weeks have been fairly eventful as far as we are concerned. After a summer of resting in the heat of the garden the weather has got a little cooler so that we can engage in more active pursuits when we go outside.

Lara has decided that she will resume the hobby of tree climbing and, as there is now only one tree without a 'collar' to prevent us from climbing too high, has taken to going high into the flowering cherry tree.

She would of course be able to get up there totally undetected were it not for the fact that young Oscar hasn't yet aspired to climbing the thick trunk of that tree so he sits at the bottom looking up at her and totally gives the game away to Joan who then comes outside and retrieves her!

Max provides this week's gossip

Oscar gives the game away

I don't think Joan could really understand this sudden interest in tree climbing until last Sunday when we were all outside playing in the garden.

Suddenly a baby dove, who had been in a nest high in the tree, launched into its maiden flight. It wasn't quite proficient enough to make a good job of it and it landed in a quite undignified manner right in front of the bush where Oscar was hiding.

Needless to say Oscar knew exactly what to do and as he rushed forward the parent doves swooped down to distract him. Joan quickly scooped up Oscar before he could catch any of them so Lara and I rushed over to help.

We never thought it would be possible for Joan to pick up all three of us at once but she did. We wriggled and struggled but she managed to get us back into the house where we had to stay until the parents of the dove had helped it away to safety.

As soon as the birds were safely away Joan let us all out again to enjoy the rest of the day in the sunshine.

Lara high in the branches

Lara balancing in the tree

Of course it wasn't only Lara that got up to mischief. Oscar has decided that he should try his paw at gardening. He isn't only interested in outdoor gardening - he thinks that the indoor plants are deserving of his attention.

It didn't take him long to learn our trick of putting the spider plant into a bowl full of water and he does that at every opportunity.

He also enjoys pulling the soil out of the plant pots and playing with it by batting it around the table.

You might remember that we all enjoy shredding leaves on the plants and Oscar is no exception.

The other morning when Joan went into the conservatory he had been busy digging more soil out of the pot and bits of it were all over the table and the floor below.

She grabbed the camera to catch Oscar in the act but despite the evidence he insisted on denying it!

Oscar swears it wasn't him!

Oscar and Max sit watching birds together

Oscar and I are now becoming real pals. I wasn't too sure about him at first but he loves to play games and now that he is as big as me we can have great rough and tumble games in the garden.

Lara likes to play but she doesn't always want to play rough games so it is great to have another playmate to run around with.


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