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We have been having such a busy time since I last wrote - we have moved out of the little bungalow and are now staying temporarily at a big house whilst we wait for another move!

It has all been really exciting with packing boxes to explore, a new garden to play in and all the furniture stored at odd angles which makes it great to climb over and lose ourselves.

We had a really fun day one Saturday helping Joan to lay some new carpets. It was quite entertaining as once she opened out the carpet there were folds and bumps to crawl under, over and through. Joan said that we made the job quite difficult to do because everywhere she looked there were cats and whenever she wanted to haul the carpet into position at least one of us was sitting on it!

I took the lead (of course) settling under the edge of the carpet by the radiator.

Then Oscar came along and trapped me in something like a 'folding body press' so that he could take my place until Max came to join in!

Carpet wrestling is one of our favourite games but in the normal course of events carpets are quite flat and boring. To have a carpet that has all sorts of lumps and bumps in it adds to the variety and makes it a much better play area for us.

Joan said the job took about twice as long as it should have but we don't really think she minded because she kept laughing at us and even took time out to get the camera so that the world could see what we get up to - given half a chance!

People often ask he how we get on together - we are great friends as you can see from the photos - it might look like we play roughly but we don't really!

As I am sure you realise playing this much is quite tiring at the end of the day - but we do take time out to snooze and relax so that we have sufficient energy for the next exciting game.

Max watches Oscar snoozing

and then decides to join in!

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