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Brrrrr! Where is Spring?

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Brrrrr! Where is Spring?

February has been quite a cold but a sunny month so rather than spending lots of time in the garden playing with the boys I have been finding lots of sunny spots around the conservatory to enjoy the warmth.

It is even better if I can find a cat bed to snuggle into as I have in this photo on the right of the page.

Max and Oscar are quite sure that Spring is just around the corner and Max races around the garden like his feet are on fire. The other morning Joan found enough fur around the garden to almost make another Birman. I think the boys had been getting a little 'stroppy' with each other and had a sparring match. I am not sure who won, or who started it, but I think it has something to do with their 'hormones'!

Oscar has been something of an intrepid hunter but as you will appreciate there isn't very much for him to hunt at the moment. Not that it deterred him from going anyway and after about half an hour he succeeded in finding a victim for his attention.

If you look very carefully at the picture below you will see that what he found was a poor unsuspecting worm. One minute it was quietly going about its own business and the next it was being patted by a nosey Birman.

It wasn't in Oscar's mind to do it any harm but he was very keen to study it from all angles and he decided the best way to do that was to pick it up and examine it.

Joan went out in the garden and saw what he was up to so she took a couple of shots for posterity and then brought him indoors to allow the worm to go back underground.

Lara relaxing

Oscar - intrepid hunter

Just checking to see how long it is!

Just around Christmas Joan noticed that we were taking an unusual interest in the floor under the washing machine and the fridge. Then a couple of days later Oscar had an undue interest in the door to the cupboard under the sink where we have a waste bin. She began to wonder if perhaps we had suddenly acquired an extra mouth to feed (or should I say an extra mouse to feed?)

Soon afterwards she spotted some mouse droppings around the wastebin in that cupboard and figured that a field mouse had probably come indoors out of the cold. She frequently leaves the kitchen door open while we play outdoors so she retained the pious hope that the little mouse would find its way back outside again.

We tend to be away all week and just back at weekends and Oscar kept his interest in the cupboard door but Joan saw nothing and figured if there was a mouse, with three cats in the house, its days would surely be numbered. Last Friday night she opened the door to put some rubbish in the bin and spotted the little blighter as it leapt out of the bin and back behind the cupboard.

On Saturday night with more rubbish to put in the bin she took me with her. She opened the cupboard, the mouse was sitting in the bin looking at me and Joan - I looked back disinterested. It was, by now, a close friend and I certainly wasn't going to DO anything! The mouse ducked back deep into the bin inside the bag lining it. Joan seized her chance and twisted the bag closed at the top and lifted it out of the bin.

Max looking pensive

Lara - almost packed and ready to go

Oscar by this time had wandered in to see what was going on. Disillusioned by my reaction and knowing Oscar's love of playing with all small creatures she decided to follow her instincts and take the bag, and the mouse, outdoors and set the little creature free.

Oh the shame of it - how can three cats live in the same house as a mouse for weeks Joan wanted to know? Me? I am saying NOTHING!

I did wonder about leaving home - I found a little box and tried it out for size thinking I could post myself to somewhere exotic. Joan spotted me in there and suggested that she would really I rather stayed with her. Even if we had encouraged the mouse, she said it wasn't really a serious crime although she would have preferred us not to make him feel so much at home!

Oscar celebrated his third birthday at the start of the month and spent much of the day playing with little Pinkie.

He just adores that toy and thinks it is just for him to enjoy. He also loves the glitter ball we got sent from the USA at Christmas time. He carries it everywhere and the other morning when he got on to the bed instead of cuddling under the duvet with Joan he just kept looking at the bedhead with a quizzical expression on his face.

It didn't take long for Joan to realise that the glitter ball had fallen down there so she retrieved it for him and that quite made his day!

Oscar the birthday boy

Oscar playing with Pinkie
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